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Things to know

General Practitioner (GP registration)

Quite simply, you only need to go to the nearest medical facility home. An application form must be requested and should be completed on the spot in order to avoid misunderstandings. If you do not have National Insurance Number yet, just type, that is in process. There is no specific doctor for children, in case of fever or illness the GP use to arrange a time appointment for the patients in few hours.

Airport Transfer

We offer door-to- door service at the pre-arranged time to any airport of London with a 7-9-seater car which provide maximum comfort (with DVD player) during the trip. Offer is based on your post codes!


Our properties are located in zone 3 East (Newham) and North (Haringey) London (in 3-4-5 bedroom accommodation) which are fully equipped (furniture, beds, kitchen equipment, general cleaning products, toilet paper ...). All in!

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card):

To obtain the card you should contact the local health authority which is responsible for producing and issuing the card. To request a card you must be insured (meaningly u need to have national insurance number) or you must belong to the state social security system or Member State of the European Union.

Bank account

To be honest it just depends on the mood of personal banker to open a bank account if there is no address confirmation formally accepted. If you are not successful at the first time you should go to bank to bank. Our personal advice, just get your national insurance letter with your N.I. number on it, then you are able to open a bank account. National Insurance number letter confirm your address for three months time from the issued date. Downtown banks may accept a more informal confirmation to provide proof of residential address.

NI - National Insurance number

A national identification number, national identity number or national insurance number is used by the governments of many countries as a means of tracking their citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents for the purposes of work, taxation, government benefits, health care and other governmentally-related functions. The number will appear on an identity document issued by a country. A national insurance number, generally called an NI Number (NINO), is used to administer state benefits and jobs, and is not considered proof of identity. The number is used in the United Kingdom in the administration of National Insurance or social security system, and it is described by the government as a “personal account number” (number is allocated to almost every adult resident of the country).
If you are reading this then I think are in the same situation where I was before I moved to England. You know that exactly there is no other way out, you have good language skills but you still need encouragement.

In Hungary the crisis is terrible at the moment I feel sorry for everyone who is suffering at home. “There is no sausage on the fence”, but if you work, get paid, save money and pay for your rent, you can visit your relatives abroad at least twice a year and you can send some money home to repay loans. You can provide a normal and safety life for your children. What is the most important for a parent, if not to secure the future of a child? If you hesitate and decide to manage a hard step, think again, it is worth in the long run. To be employed you will need luck, strength, good language knowledge and courage. We are here to help the initial steps of a new and better life because London is not only for us!