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Life in England. How do i get started?

This webpage is trying to help those people who really want to work in England. Our site was made to avoid any illegal fee collected by agencies and they cannot even guarantee anything.
We have heard a few rough stories when arriving people paid a hefty price for an illegal office, before or upon arrival to the destination country for “the hope of job opportunity and accommodation offer” but no one was waiting for them and they got an unfair service.
Do NOT pay for offices if service seems uncertain.
First of all try to save same money yourself because when you travel abroad you will need your experience if you plan your life in England.
Do NOT try to search a job without any language skills because firstly you need to attend on an interview. Awkward... You need a strong basic knowledge to understand your boss s instructions. During the economical crisis the requirements become more stringent and there is no employer on the market who is capable to work with you without any language knowledge. In that case if you find any job without knowledge you can make your fingers crossed due to your luck.

Take your time and effort to learn!!!

We assist to manage the most appropriate CV for you and your mentioned positions and also try to prepare you for the following interviews! We are not a recruitment agency, we do not have direct job opportunities and positions. If we know any position becomes available in your vision we let you know about the most important details. To do the application is your task and responsibility. If you meet the requirements on your interview that is definitely your success.